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The Lore and Secrets of the Shrouded Moors, New Diablo 3 Zone Coming in Patch 2.6 Top HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for June 25 New PTR Realm Test - Temporus Originally Posted by Blizzard ...
Published Jun 25, 2017
Writhing Essences - Heroic Dungeon Reward Hotfix You will now get 5 x Writhing Essence from your first Heroic Legion dungeon every day. WoW Developer AMA Several of the developers will be answering questions today on the WoW subreddi...
Published Jun 23, 2017
First Look at New Diablo 3 Zones in Patch 2.6 Card Pack Changes Coming - No More Duplicate Legendaries Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes - June 22 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) ...
Published Jun 22, 2017
Another Chance at Tickets for BlizzCon 2017 - July 5th Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker) Good news, adventurers! We’re excited to announce that this year, BlizzCon is expanding into...
Published Jun 21, 2017
Kil'jaeden Defeat Cinematic Congratulations to Serendipity (US-Korgath) for their Kil'jaeden kill! Kil'jaeden Defeated - Argus Skybox Congratulations to Cute Anime Girls for killing Kil'jaeden. Argus appeared in the sky for them after...
Published Jun 20, 2017
WoW Guild Rankings

WoW Guild Rankings
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And he is dead!

Mythic Grand Magistrix Elisande Killed!


Mythic Star Augur Etraeus Killed!

Mythic Helya finally killed and still overrated!

Mythic Tichondrius Killed!

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